Можно ли лежать больному с онкологией легких

Можно ли лежать больному с онкологией легких

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Faces are unique in their ability to convey a vast range of information about people, including their gender, age, and mood.

Можно ли лежать больному с онкологией легких

For social animals, such as humans, the ability to locate a face is important as this is where we pick up many of our cues for social interactions. Further analysis revealed that these features could be simplified into black and white lines of information — in other words, barcodes.

Можно ли лежать больному с онкологией легких

Supermarket barcodes were developed as an efficient way of providing information: straight, one-dimensional lines are far easier to process than two-dimensional characters such as numbers.

In a similar way, our faces may have evolved to allow us to convey effectively the information needed to recognise them.

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  • The researchers analysed various natural images, such as flowers and landscapes, and found that faces are unique in conveying all their useful information in horizontal stripes. The barcode pattern has many advantages: it can be recognised efficiently by the visual parts of the brain; is easy to locate in complex scenes; and appears to be resistant to changes in the overall appearance of the face.

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  • Dr Dakin believes the research may have implications for improving face recognition software, for example, for use at an airport where police may need to locate a suspect in a crowd on CCTV cameras. The ability of such software to recognise individuals has improved vastly, but is still poor at the first step: locating faces in complex scenes.

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    The research may also help explain our ability to see faces where they do not exist, for example in clouds or in flames. Materials provided by University College London. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

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  • Science News. Journal Reference : Dakin, S. Biological "bar codes" in human faces. Journal of Vision , ; 9 4 : 2, DOI: ScienceDaily, 14 April University College London.

    Можно ли лежать больному с онкологией легких

    Retrieved May 25, from www. The findings The discovery will help them delve deeper into the relationship between face recognition, memory, and social The study is Below are relevant articles that may interest you. ScienceDaily shares links with scholarly publications in the TrendMD network and earns revenue from third-party advertisers, where indicated.

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